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Thursday, December 26, 2013


Happy first day of Kwanzaa (Umoja --> Unity!) Actually, I haven't celebrated Kwanzaa since I was a child (during my mother's Pan Africa! days), but I still like the way "habari gani" and "kujichagulia" roll of the tongue...

In other, non-Holiday news, my new Spanish language exam is scheduled for 3PM on January 6th. I have some hope that maybe I'll be able to squeak by with a 3. If not, I've got many more times to get better! Also, because I am going through the Foreign Service process all over again in order to get a higher FSOA score, I am sending off a FOIA for my exact scores. I am pretty sure I scored above average on the SI, average on the GE and totally bombed CM. But, we shall see! Hopefully I'll be able to use my exact score as a guide on what I need to practice if I'm invited to the FSOA next time.

Not much is happening on the Peace Corps front -- though I am traveling to Xela on New Year's Eve to give a presentation to a group of folks traveling to Guatemala as members of the National Peace Corps Association. I am bringing along my host cousin, and I hope the group learns a lot from her. After that, she and I are gonna spend the night with other PCVs and head to Panajachel for some much needed R&R! 

Well, that's all for now, so I leave you with one of my favorite mentions of Kwanzaa, taken from an episode of the hilarious animated television show, Futurama. Enjoy! 


  1. We did the same thing with the FOIA, for the QEP and the more recent Oral exam. It's been almost a year for the QEP, hopefully will be hearing soon. Can't believe how long all this stuff takes!! This process is not for the fate of heart!

    1. Whoa, almost a year? Sounds daunting :/ Hopefully I can get my results before October 2014, then!