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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Security Clearance Updates


Nearly everyone I know has been talking all about me in these past few weeks. It feels so weird! My mother was actually first to be interviewed, and then my sister (on separate days and in separate places.) My mom and sister are fairly level women, so I knew they would be fine. Still, I had to let my mother know that it was quite alright to tell the investigator I drink alcohol, LOL. 

Another investigator also randomly showed up to my close friend's childhood home, which worried the holy heck out of her mother. After he realized my friend was not there, he interviewed her mother, who spoke at length about how my friend and I met while still in high school during an invitational at our Alma Mater. I barely remember that event, but I guess proud mamas are always good with the details ;)

A separate investigator came to speak with me here in Guatemala. She was pleasant and the interview seemed to go quickly. It was only yesterday that my boss told me we were in there for a little under two hours. I suppose having to go through every place I've lived and every place I've traveled took up quite some time! 

All in all, the investigation itself is winding down, and my medical appointments are winding up! Hopefully I can get this done soon...and then onto my language examinations! :D


  1. Wow! I had no idea they were that extensive about security clearances!

  2. Yes - but I guess they want to be as thorough as possible! :)